Emerging Threats Require Unconventional Thought Leadership

“Be the Difference When It Matters.” 

Omega Wolf offers consultation, information, and security services to suit every client’s needs. Omega Wolf is always prepared and ready to provide solutions for the challenges facing your families, organization or government. 

Concerned citizens, organizations, and small businesses

Worried about emerging threats in your region or need help with contingency planning? Let experts from Special Operations help you plan and prepare for whatever may come your way based on decades of experience. Be more prepared and focus on training that will keep you and your loved ones safe. I’ll send the other pages content after this is done.

Boards, C-Suite, Security and Risk Professionals

Security Risk Management (SRM) is a new necessary paradigm in business and can be a huge advantage. However it can be difficult to implement or get started. Allow us to assess and advise your risk landscape, security and risk program, and provide guidance as you develop your next strategic advantage in comprehensive SRM and strategy formation.

Military, Law enforcement, Intelligence Companies, Security forces

Tap into decades of experience in unconventional warfare, intelligence operations, security planning, and training support to bring your organization or unit to the next level of competence and capability. Whether it’s surveillance, intelligence, force protection, or scenario training and support, we know how to teach the highly technical skills.


Security and risk management program advisement, consulting and support

Our subject matter experts provide the latest insights and emerging thought leadership on security risk management, enterprise security risk management (ESRM), strategic security program implementation, strategic risk management, and enterprise risk management (ERM).

Contingency and trip wire planning for individuals, families, enterprise, and all organizations

The threat environment is getting more complicated and dangerous. Your family and organization need to have plans and preparations that will help you survive and thrive. Don’t wait until you have no options or time. We will put together special ops grade, detailed contingency

Training, role playing, drills, and teaching support for advanced security, risk management or intelligence programs

Contact us for support with teaching and role player support for some of the most advanced topics in security and risk management. We work with government, military, enterprise, organizations, and schools. Whether it’s for emergency drills

Threat assessment, intelligence, site surveys, competitor research, and surveillance support

Know before you go or do business. Need an advanced and complete understanding of certain locations or threats? Need to gather information quickly? Let us provide unparalleled understanding, insights and reports on assets, hotels, destinations, and organizations using .

About the Company

“OWS is comprised of the foremost thought leaders in unconventional security and risk management. We have knowledge and experience spanning advanced intelligence, threat assessment, security/risk program, planning, and training disciplines. We look forward to offering our expertise to help you and your organization succeed and thrive under any conditions.”